Whittingham Memorial Institute

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Village Hall Re-opening 25th July 2009


WOW, What a Difference


Have you seen it? It looks very good indeed; much brighter, accessible and welcoming. The facilities are modern, with fully equipped kitchen and toilets and the décor is light and attractive. The main hall has clean lines and the back rooms are a revelation. The improvements retain the essence of the building whilst making it truly “The Village Hall for All” – for everyone and all occasions.

The official re-opening of Whittingham Memorial Institute was performed, on 25 th July, by The Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Beith M.P. when he cut a ribbon held by Niamh Shiels (youngest school child) and May Smith (oldest resident born in Whittingham).

Everyone expressed pleasure with, and approval of, the refurbishments. Sir Alan, who knew the hall from his days as a resident in the village, captured the sentiments of many by saying “Wow, what a difference!” Following speeches the school children sang and afternoon tea was served, including an appropriately decorated cake by Joyce Dale. It was a special village occasion.

Thanks to the building surveyor, John Watson; the main contractor, John Gregory & Sons, all the sub-contractors and, of course, the Big Lottery without whom it would not have happened. Thanks too to the committee and particularly Ian Blakey who worked countless hours and days to ensure the success of the project.

In the evening the “Re-opening” Ceilidh was great fun with great music from NE66. It was a relaxing (!) end to a process that has taken nine years to complete.

Geoff Hoskin


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From This ..............

Main Hall


11 January - Work Begins



The roof is off



Main Hall



The kitchen has gone


The new roof is going on




Gents Toilets


The Gents toilet has gone


The back rooms are removed

Accessible Toilet

Old Roof & windows


18 February - The new roof


The new roof


New Roof


Function room



The floor supports



6th March - New floor joists



Function Room



Steps down to function room


13 March - The new floor


13 March - The new floor


Function Room


Kitchen taps & window


15 April - New kitchen walls


15 April - New kitchen walls




Function room


15 April - New function room


15 April - New function room


Function Room


Fire exit


5th May - New roof windows


5th May - New fire exit ramp


Main hall




5th May - New front windows


5th May - New guttering


New Windows


Ladies toilet sink


29th May - Function room


29th May - New kitchen


Ladies Toilet